The very popular collection has added 4 new animals and a wider product range.2816928165

The new animals are a Brown Owl, a Wolf, a Brown Bear and Horses. The product range include mugs with beautiful matching boxes, coasters, napkins in different sizes, plates and kitchen towels.



There is also a tray that I absolutely love with the original fox, moose, goose and rabbit on it.32020PaperProducts Design is so wonderful to work with. They are also being incredibly generous and are giving a % of sales to Parents Helping Parents.

This is a great organization that has been a huge help to families in the bay area with children and adults with special needs.


 I am sharing all of the new items on the Two Can Art Collection facebook page

on Pinterest and they will be on www.twocanart along with all of the other products with our images.

                                                                                                                                  I am so proud of this collection and how Noah’s textures have translated. The quality of the items is just incredible. They have been a joy to work on.