Our pillow samples have arrived! I love these indoor/outdoor coastal designs from C & F Enterprises-Gallerie II. They will be in stores soon. As soon as I get the information I can let you know where they are being carried. We did a photo shoot with Noah with them. He found them delightfully squishy.

11070218_1559328204318863_5994371810683206676_n10154292_1559328164318867_5141341018898337034_nI’ve been working on ideas of fun ways for Noah to create painted textures. We’ve
attached rubber bands to a roller and have gotten some really cool effects. It will be fun to work these into images. I am thinking of wrapping raffia around the roller too to see what that looks like.

We have some exciting new projects underway that are still under wraps, but suffice it to say I am really thrilled to be working with companies that make wonderful products. As soon as things go to market I will be posting pictures!
Noah is listening to music sitting next to me as I write this. It’s a beautiful day, so we will be getting out into the warm sun and the smell of new blooms outdoors this afternoon.